The Jiwanram Sheoduttrai Group deeply acknowledges their responsibility towards the society and environment. Apart from generating business in the domestic and international scenes, the Group is committed to spreading education & healthcare among the underprivileged, helping the mentally challenged people, rehabilitating drug addicts & alcoholics and motivating the mass towards promotion & preservation of nature. The Group patronizes a number of organizations like Dakshini Prayash (, Antara ( and Bengal Rose Society (

Dakshini Prayash (Madurdah Satyavritti Vidyalaya): This organization is dedicated to providing quality education and healthcare to the under-privileged. The Group helps the society to run a full-fledged pre-primary and primary school, which is going to be upgraded to the Higher Secondary level in stages. In the healthcare sector, free monthly medical camps and eyecare camps are held by the society. Dakshini Prayash runs various vocational training courses,e.g., sewing, weaving, edible mushroom growing, etc., under its Self Reliance Programme for the people concerned. They are given training in these fields and at the end of the training are financed to buy machinery for their jobs. The organization also help them to market their products.

Antara: This organization is dedicated to the welfare of mentally challenged people and drug addicts & alcoholics. The organization has developed a well-equipped work therapy unit, with a multi-disciplinary approach under proper guidance and supervision of experts. Short term and long term patients work in their respective units. The Group patronizes such work therapy units as poultry farm, horticultural nursery, apiary, fishery, agriculture, tailoring, knitting & handicrafts, plastic welding unit, screen-printing unit, envelope making unit and InfoTech vocational training unit. A number of patients have been successfully treated and rehabilitated by Antara so far.

Bengal Rose Society: This was formed with a view to spread the knowledge of roseculture, thereby to motivate people for conservation of nature. What began as a gestureto promote this awareness has now flowered into a serious involvement of the society members, who have developed newer techniques of successful rose growing both with and without soil. The Group has been encouraging and financing different projects undertaken by the society. Apart from publishingperiodicals on this subject, the society has successfully released two editions of a book under name and style of? The Wonderful Rose Gardens Around the World? Showcasing the very best rose gardens of the world and organized rose shows where top notch rosarians from across the globe graced the event with their presence.